I’ve always struggled as a world renowned artist and critic to get people to see my work. People avoid my exhibits because they are worried about it being too crowded and this is why there is such poor attendance.


Here is one of my pieces for your eyes to digest. I think the meaning is obvious. Some people suggest to me that I should stop doing Art altogether. Maybe this is because I am too good. If I produce enough it will replace the art in all the galleries, this would be a nightmare for storage as where would you put all the old stuff? Maybe you could put my art on top of other art as shown below.


Or I could just paint over the old ones.

I’ve sent an email to Picasso to ask for permission.

14 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. ah dude, you have such a fun way about you – unless you’re being genuinely serious and then HEAD FOR THE HILLS! i sold a painting in Philly on First Friday – as a guy who was pretty much thrown out of art class in high school for mixing colours of paint for two years [i thought they would teach me art but they never did – they always just expected me to art and i could’t because i thought i would be taught] it was a moment of sublime world recognition or back street irony or something…

    but keep on, you definitely have a gift
    love brett fish

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  2. I wouldn’t worry about people avoiding your exhibitions I think your art is sweet, well apart from the one above which is fishy obviously. I rather enjoy fish and so pictures of them please me!


    The Cat

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  3. I think your problem is obviously political opportunism. Gregory is looking to the left and since the fall of the USSR and the rise of USA and Saudi Arabia you should turn him to face the right and then your next exhibition will not be bombed. I think.


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