It seems odd that when you see a jogger out on the street you always assume they jog every day. I see a guy in full kit with his fluorescent trainers and just think that he’s a pro…

This obviously is not true, when i jog outside once in a blue moon, struggling for breath as I stumble across the streets of London, I think people see me as a pretender. In truth I probably get lumped in with the pros. I feel that this is unfair on them.

Because of this theory, i have taken to standing on street corners and breathing heavily while wearing full jogging attire. This way members of the public think I must be a marathon runner, or similar, pushing myself really hard. See below.
photo (7)
They probably just think i’m asthmatic…

15 thoughts on “Joggers

  1. unfortunately I am unable to jog or do any other form of exercise, as I’m allergic to it. every time I do strenuous physical activity I start turning red, I begin sweating, I get dehydrated and my breathing becomes labored…it is a very scary allergic reaction 🙂

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  2. Thanks for hitting my blog. I have been a bit too serious of late and decided to lighten up. So I looked you up – as one does – and I thought, this guy it looking at art with a sense of humour. Then I looked at some people’s comments and I thought that they were not. So if you are, great, and if you’re not that’s sad.

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