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Whenever i’m at a supermarket I always feel like i’m in the way.

Much like this elephant.

I just like looking at vegetables.
I mean how do you know your getting the best tomatoes for your money if you don’t peruse every tomato in the shop. There may be one tomato hiding at the bottom that’s the best tomato anyone has ever tasted.
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Angry shoppers look at me like i’m an irritation, hindering their shopping experience. I just have a lot of time on my hands.

I get home and lay out my beautiful, plump, fresh vegetables.
They get home and weep over their unripe peaches.


8 thoughts on “Shoppers

  1. I do the same with bananas as you do with tomatoes. Most people come up, grab a bunch and throw them (usually not literally) in their cart. I spend minutes looking for the right size, ripeness and making sure there are no bruises/soft spots. It’s the curse of the perfectionist!

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  2. Can you really call it a shopping “experience” if you’re that much of a rush?

    IMHO, If you can’t spend thirty more seconds inspecting the food you’re going to put in your body, there’s a larger underlying problem. And food is too delicious (and too convenient) to be mad at the grocery store! Weep indeed.


  3. Even after I place the chosen veggies in my basket, I still go back around to see if I have, indeed, chosen the best ones! (And nothing is more annoying than when the uncaring cashier dumps the perfect veggies into the bag with the cleaning supplies.)


  4. Rushing can be tragic. Like today. A woman was blocking the organic herbs whilst chatting with her friend. It seemed as though she was purposely and passively/aggressively not moving her cart up a bit once she saw that I was waiting. Wretched human being. I finally reached around her and grabbed a bunch of cilantro from the cilantro shelf. Ordinarily I would take time to inspect the bunch but I couldn’t get away from her ugly vibe quick enough so I shoved it in the produce bag and hightailed it out of there.

    Got home, minced the onion, the jalapeño, the garlic and the avocado and then DANG IT! the flat leaf parsley was on the cilantro shelf. Wretched, wretched woman. Thank the good Lord I had some really nice cilantro and onion olive oil to drizzle in.

    The moral of my sad story: Take your time friend. Don’t let the bullies rush you.


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