4 thoughts on “Look, A Carriage

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    I love this painting. I love how depicts everything we despise in modern culture yet it contains everything we long for. If i was in this scene my first thought would be to worry about my shoes, and hoping that the dog wont jump on me covering my swagg in dirt. I would look at the house with disgust and fear of how it looks on the inside. I would wait for the people to come out and hope that we could talk outside. For a moment i would appreciate the glimpse of beauty that surrounds me before I start thinking of getting back home to my computers and cell phone reception. I would not want to be there for a moment longer than is necessary and respectful.
    Then I look at this painting again and see hardships. People struggling making their daily living. People who don’t have much but are content and make due with whatever is afforded to them. I see a place where people are proud of what they have, proud of what they are able to do for themselves, their family. I see a place that is challenging at times but always beautiful. I see happiness that isn’t without tribulation but instead governs in spite of it.


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