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He lay with his greasy face against the cold laminate flooring after being dropped for the third time that morning.
He begged that he was not cracked, he had fallen at an odd angle.

Vertigo set in as a hand clamped around him and hastily lifted him from the floor. The fingerprints were wiped from his face by a shirt sleeve and he heard a sigh of relief, his screen was still intact.

Fingers smooshed his face once more as his user typed out a text.

He had been worried as of late, he had heard the rumours.
It was always discussed at this time of year, like clockwork, it panicked him immensely.
He hoped they were just rumours.

A new generation was coming.
He was being replaced.

His circuits buzzed as he daydreamed his demise in to the obsolete.
He thought he was special, irreplaceable, unique.

But the new phone was 0.6 inches bigger.
A technological revolution.

He placed himself on silent and hid behind the sofa cushions.
That’ll show ’em.

16 thoughts on “Generations

  1. I’m feeling really guilty now. I have been talking openly about how bad my Windows phone has been behaving of late. I had no idea it might be because Herman was ease-dropping.

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  2. Hey very to this myself so I cant comment really on how good your blog is, however I have to say I enjoyed this titillating little tale. It went very well with the soothing sun that is reflecting off my Chromebook screen currently… I have an old samsung from around 2005 and its good to know that its not just my phone that has the tendency to always find its way into the deepest regions of my living room furniture.


  3. This is a great little story, I do wonder if it should be “The fingerprints were wiped ‘from’ his face by a shirt sleeve” but apart from that I’d say there isn’t much to improve on in this piece of flash fiction. It’s great.

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  4. Oh, I love it! I am the kind of person who totally feels guilty replacing an old phone just because the next generation is out… but I still do πŸ˜‰ Found you swimming in the community pool over at the Daily Post.

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